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Drop Shipping


We are a Penis Extender seller-wholesaler not just a single point of sale seller.  We would like to handle Drop Shipping some of your Extender orders if it can make financial sense.  Whether you are a website or brick & mortar business, we can SUPPLY you or DROP SHIP for you.

We typically are the “Low Cost Provider” for the items we stock since we are located on the Port of Tacoma, and can import such items by shipping-line instead of more costly Air Mail.    We sell on many interrnational Ebay’s as well as Amazon, so we know our pricing is the normally the best in the USA.

If you will consider adding ANY of the items we carry to your website or store we can then:

(1) save you your valuable time from from having to order and re-order stock.

(2) save you from tying up your valuable dollars in such inventory-stock, to then invest in other items or to lower borrowed money costs.

(3) We can easily receive your payments to our PAYPAL (for each customer sale) and then package and ship to your customer directly from our businss.   Your Paypal will show confirmation of shipping and a tracking number showing.  Your website becomes more focused on generating the SALE ORDER and less on shipping labor and tied up money in inventory.

We are currently successful partnering in this way with other websites as we write this proposal to you.

Thanks for your consideration,

Bill Brower

B & G International, LLC

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