Parts #1 — “Hybrid Conversion Kit” – 4 piece kit – $13.50

Parts #1 — “Hybrid Conversion Kit” – 4 piece kit

Conversion Kit that transforms a standard ProExtender or Maxman into a Hybrid.  “Hybrid” is defined as an extender that offers a TOP/Cradle with more than one type of GRABBING system.   Our 4/pc Conversion Kit allows the Customer to use either a standard silicone NOOSE CORD or Silicone HYBRID BELT STRAP for versatility and comfort.  Kits comes with four pieces as shown in pictures:

  1. — Hybrid Top Cradle
  2. — Noose Cord
  3. — Comfort Belt Strap
  4. — Comfort Foam Tube

Fits 9 mm diameter rods systems, will “not” fit with 11 mm Dahan system

Note:  we also offer:

(1)  5/pc Hybrid Conversion Kit with added Super Foam Wrapped Noose

(2)  8/pc Minotaur Conversion Kit (most versatile and comfortable DUAL system for the money (will fit either 9mm or 11mm systems)

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