MCK – Minotaur Conversion Kit – 8 piece Pack – $20.00

MCK – Minotaur Conversion Kit – 8 piece Pack



<I> Conversion Kit for nearly all Penis Extenders made, TRANSFORM your current Penis Extender into a versatile comfort Extender.  As any owner of a Penis Extender knows, the more you achieve Comfort the more you will wear you Extender, which is the key to successful elongation.


<II> A formidable “8 Parts” in All for our Low Price — LISTED BELOW:


1– Minotaur Top Cradle (revolutionary design, does it ALL…!!!)

2– 60% – 40% Strap (combines Strap & Cord in one) Medical Grade Silicone

3– Penis Shaft Strap Medical grade Silicone

4– Hybrid Comfort Strap Silicone

5– Noose Cord Silicone

6- Foam Tube 1.50″ diameter x 3″ long (Small)

7– Foam Tube 1.75″ diameter x 3″ long (Medium)

8– Foam Tube 2.00″ diameter x 3″ long (Large)


<III> Top Cradle will fit on both 9mm & 11mm Spring Base Units

<IV> Penis Shaft Strap helps ease all the grab from Penis Head – Comfort

<V> Foam Tubes in 3 sizes insuring one will fit your size – Comfort

<VI> This is the most Comfortable & Versatile Extender Conversion Kit available

<VII> less than $5 per part makes this a VALUE, much cheaper than a la carte