MX – “Minotaur Xtendaur”, 8 Rod, Penis Extender Stretcher 14″ – PLACARD PICS VIEW – – $39.85

MX – “Minotaur Xtendaur”, 8 Rod, Penis Extender Stretcher 14″ – PLACARD PICS VIEW –







I – Model MX – Minotaur Xtendaur 8-Rod Penis Extender System:

  • Only one of its kind, revolutionary Penis Extender
  • 14″ apx. length, stronger 11mm dia Rods
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Rods (low allergy)
  • Medical Grade Silicone Straps
  • Great Price for this many straps and parts
  • Cradle & Straps will fit your Pro, Maxman, Dahan, and others
  • like getting a “Penis Extender” and “Conversion Kit” all in one


II – State of the Art TOP CRADLE:

  • Dual Rod channel fits both 9mm & 11mm diameter rods
  • Utilizes BOTH Shaft & Head grabbing, spreading pressure for Comfort
  • No separate conversion kit needed its all here
  • Hybrid strap, Noose Cord, Dahan strap, 60-40 strap all in one package


III – Every Possible OPTION to chose from:

  • Finally a Comfortable Penis Extender
  • More Customizable to get it just right for your preferences


IV – Revolutionary first of its kind, “60 – 40 Strap”:

  • Unique design, combines both Strap and Noose Cord technologies in One
  • Opt for 40% glans hold or flip over for 60% glans hold


V – Penis shaft support Strap:

  • Lowers pressure on Penis Head
  • applies some grabbing to shaft of penis, not just head of penis


VI – Foam Tube included is 1.75″ diameter x 3″ long:

  • We also offer a “3 Foam Comfort Pack” sold separately
  • Longer 3″ foam protects penis when wearing TWO straps simultaneously
  • Foam can be cut with scissors if so desired.