PARTS #15 – General Parts, 3 parts included – $14.00

PARTS #15 – General Parts, 3 parts included

***You will receive ONE each of the 3 parts shown in the pictures for the price, or >>> 

We will consider a Modification allowing you to choose which three parts you prefer, but only as a NOTE on your Paypal Payment to us (paypal has a little comments box for a note when you pay).  DO NOT email us, as we ship before we have time to read the many emails we receive from all our selling sources.  So you can order 2/pcs of X1 and 1/pc Z3 as an example.  If you fail to do this as noted you will receive one or each part.


so pick any 3 PARTS for the price of our listing.  EXAMPLE: pick 3/pcs of part X1 or pick 1/pc of X1 and 2/pc of Z3.  As long as your choices add up to only THREE items.  DESIGNATE your 3 choices in the PAYPAL COMMENTS BOX when you pay.


(1) X1  Nut for spring-rod (holds spring inside rod)

(2) Y2  Round Disc (holds Adj. Thumb Screw)

(3) Z3  Adjustment Thumb Screw (dual threaded)



Note #1: Fits 9mm rods: Pro, Pes, Maxman, Hybrid Extender

Note # 2: If you have 11mm rods like a DAHAN or MINOTAUR you must email us first